Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Times, They Are A Changing

I don't have much to say right now. It's summer, and I'm not in a blogging type of mood. However, I did feel that it was time to change my name yet again. Therefore, The Rural Canadian House Milf is now: The Backwoods Betty.

Reasons for this? People are pervs! They drove me to it! I was getting a lot of visitors from other countries on my blog, and you would not believe this kind of stuff they were searching for. Or would you? Things like:

hot canadian milf

slutty milf

naked rural milfs

milfy jacked pants (and really, wtf?)

milf jizz


milf red hair freckles

activia milf

milf clinger fucking

young rural milfs

absolut milf canada

It just went on and on! My own personal favourite:

grandmother milf breastfeeding

Seriously, people. Why?!!! It would start to creep me out even more when I realised that people were hoping to see me engaged in carnal acts, but they'd end up on a blog about cupcakes and babies.

My apologies for what I imagine are some very stalwart people from Surrey, England who were searching for "charming Canadian rural scene". I didn't mean to frighten you with my vulgarity, slightly inappropriate stories about my dad, or talking about my emo feelings.

I try to keep this blog slightly less... racy? If you want my crass language and inappropriate jokes about dick, please feel free to visit my other blog where we talk smack all the time and boss people around, located here. I warn you, if we are related, if I have to see you on a daily basis, DO NOT click. You won't be able to look me in the eye; but you're not going to find anything like that here. Oh no. I've become respectable all of a sudden. Mmhm.

The Backwoods Betty? Yeah, she's all sunshine and puppies. Stay tuned.

That's all,




Brans~Muffin said...


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Karissa said...

Yes you are a brave milf to check your google words like that!

Tsquared said...

Whoa. I never thought of 'naked rural milfs'. Thanks!

Twills said...

Tx2? You're sure that wasn't you?

K: It's been worse in the past, but those are just the ones I can remember.

Anonymous said...

I used to google those words until I found the rural canadian house milf. Now... well... the more things change, the they stay the same. Do you really have a pair of jeans like those? Cuz I have a pack of frozen ribs that would go good with that.

Twills said...

Thaw the ribs first, please. And I'm sure I could borrow some jeans like that from ur mom. Burn!