Friday, April 29, 2011

She's Got Legs

It's funny, life. I was feeling all old and sad yesterday because my eldest son turned ten. Of course in typical "me" fashion, I was making it all about me. How I'm not old enough to have a ten year old, and how he's growing up too fast and pulling away from me, becoming his own person. I know, poor me?

After I'd picked up the big kids from school, I was strapping the little guy into his car seat and I heard, "Hey! Nice legs!". I didn't look around or anything, not thinking much of it.

Until he persisted. "Hey! Hey you! The mom!"

I looked around, pointed at myself and said, "Me?"

He was hanging out the window of his school bus. "Yeah, you. Nice legs! You've got nice legs!" Then he immediately hauled himself back in and put his window up.

So Mama's not so old and decrepit after all, if 8 year old future milf hunters feel the need to comment on my physical attributes. Also, I guess I no longer have to cruise by the high school to find potential cougar prey if the elementary school will do.

Oh yeah, I've still got it.

That's all,




See Kate run. said...

Oh man, that's just too rich for type. I've got a shit-eating grin spread across my face right now. Right on, Legs! I think influencing the elementary crowd makes you an uber cougar, right?

Twills said...

I have to laugh because otherwise it's creepy.