Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pop Goes My Skank

We've been letting the four year old use the internet lately. He has his own bookmarks folder, which consists of two kids' websites, www.pbskids.org and www.tvokids.com. Then there's this:

We farking love this song at our house. We play it several times daily and dance around the house like maniacs; we even sing it in the car. We watch the videos that people from all over the world have made in its tribute, even. The children even love doing the moves. And boy, they've got moves.

Another video we love is this:

It's so lamely awesome that I just had to share it. Imagine Soccer Dilf's surprise when Oran took to wearing wife beaters every day and rapping in his miniature four year old voice. It's cuteness overload, really. Especially when the baby says, "I hot a I know it!"

So one day we were playing our favourite lame videos and we danced and sang and had a great old time, just the two smallest boys and me.

Until I finally had had enough and went to do some more laundry. I was letting Oran finish the song and I told him that it was time to turn off Firefox when the song was over, and I left the room.

Fail! Epic parenting fail!

I didn't hear much over the racket that the washing machine was making, but when I came back into the room I caught the tail end of this:

So of course I reminded him that we were only allowed to watch the videos that are in the bookmarks and that we were not allowed to click on different ones... All of the parenting mumbo-jumbo... He agreed, we moved on.

Until the next day...

I could hear him playing in his room with the door ajar... something sounded familiar.

There he was in a wife-beater, (which for obvious reasons we refer to as a "singlet" around the house), furiously smashing two cars together. Every time the cars collided he would say, "Shut up, skank!"

Epic parenting fail!

Milfy's got some 'splaining to do.