Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Give Me a Head With HAIR!

I caved.

I was tired of people telling me how "pretty" my "little girl" was. How "she" had the "prettiest" curls and the longest eyelashes... the coolest... Tonka shirt? Bob the Builder boots?


Does this look like a girl to you????

Maybe he does when he's naked and eating cupcakes, who knows... But perhaps you would kind of get the hint when I said something like, "Harry! Come here!" Some people don't.

Who says boys have to have short hair? What about Cindy Crawford's son? So what if he is prettier than me?


Have you seen little Kingston Rossdale? The child of Gwen Stefani can do no wrong, in my opinion. And his daddy's not too shabby, either:


Then there is Ryder Robinson. I love Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson! They've got such style!


Maddox Jolie-Pitt is always in style, even when rocking the Asian Gangta' look:


Our kids have been known to rock the "Madhox" from time to time:


I just threw that one in gratuitously because he's my favourite J-P kid. Too cute!

Then there's this enigma:


Gah! Oh, sorry. Scared myself to death, there. The child who made his mother believe she'd been touched by an angel with love...all in the eyes of a boy... Celine's little Rene-Charles also sports long, flowing locks.

Clearly the vast selection of photos of celebrity babies should have made the public more used to seeing boys with longer hair? Yet my Harrison suffered from perceived gender ambiguity?

I cut the poor boy's hair. Myself. I didn't want him to end up with a complex, and he already was under the impression that he should be allowed to wear ponytails and headbands whenever it struck his fancy. That, and he hates washing his hair, even though he was constantly getting food in it since it was in his way so much.

I did ask him first, though. I said, "Harry, can Mama cut your 'fro?" He calls it his 'fro. For real. He just ran to the drawer where we keep the scissors, but I told him we have to use special scissors, so I fetched them and also a plastic baggie so that I could collect the spoils. He just hopped up on a chair and waited.

I made the first cut at the back, because there was one curl there that could possibly have resembled what we called a "rat's tail" in the eighties. When his hair was wet, it would extend to way down past the bottom of his shoulder blades. I lopped off the curl and showed him. He started laughing. I was trying not to cry.

I popped it in the bag, and he bade me to cut some more off.

What! I know he doesn't articulate like that when he's not yet two, but he motioned for me to do it. He wanted it, dammit!

I cut off some more and he kept laughing and shrieking with delight each time he saw me cut a curl off and put it in the baggie. He loved getting his hair cut, but I was trying not to let my hysteria rise. I was in mourning. Even when I pronounced him done he still wanted me to keep cutting and screamed at me to keep going. He would only be appeased by me letting him hold the sealed bag and telling him to go show daddy.

Of course we all bolstered his already high ego by exclaiming over how cute he was with his new haircut. There's only just this one problem. He may even look prettier than he did before, because now you can see more of his face and his long eyelashes. And! It's even harder to tame now that it's short. (Fail!) Now the curls just stand straight up all over his head instead of falling down around his face.

Here is a picture of him with a messy face, telling me to be quiet. He's wearing his flannel doggie pajamas that Grandma Judy made him for Christmas, which means, obviously, that he is extra soft and squishy at this moment.


What do you think? Does he look like a boy?


bluntforcemama said...

Brilliant! I never could stomach celebrities making fashion statements out of their kids.

Soccer Milf said...

But they're the best accessories ever! Think what Violet Affleck's dimples have done for her mother! They've actually made her kind of interesting.

And don't get me started on the celebrity baby name-thing. Bronx Mowgli Wentz? Gah!

Mandy's Kidding said...

He's such a pretty boy! Seriously, those lashes? I die.

I'm always telling my son he's beautiful but he always corrects me, "Boys are handsome."

Soccer Milf said...

Thanks. He's always getting compliments on his eyelashes.

Beautiful boys never want to be called "beautiful"! Handsome is just not the right word!

Tracy said...

He still looks just like you!! Yea!!! I would never have mistaken him for a girl! People always mistake Autumn for a boy because she has no hair. Seriously, pink car seat, pink blankets, girly clothes...please!

Gavin Rossdale is one of the hawttest men alive. :)

Soccer Milf said...

It's hard to tell what gender they are when they're really small, but the clothes should be a dead giveaway.

Poor Gavin is not aging well, though, is he? Plus his new music is kind of... lame. It's not rocking my loins, if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

He's darling no matter what!

Soccer Milf said...

Thank you. We tend to think so too, but we're all biased.

Tracy said...

I haven't liked Gavin's music really since the TERRIBLE followup album Razorblade Suitcase. WORST ALBUM EVER. I've never been a huge gwen fan, but even her music is better than his.

Karissa D said...

What a beautiful boy! Great job!

Soccer Milf said...

Thanks. I have since given him an even shorter hair cut, but haven't taken any photos yet.

Karissa D said...

I had a feeling that was you! Thanks for the compliment btw.

And yes, he does look more like a boy now, but at this age, it doesn't matter so much.

Bean is in need of a trim, but I'm gonna wait another month or so :)

Soccer Milf said...

Most of the problem was that he kept getting food in his hair and then it would get also get all tangled and wild. It's so much easier to take care of now.