Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hear Me Roar!

An anthem, shall we?

I've been called a FemiNazi Lesbian Bitch quite recently, though I'm sure it was in quite a loving way.   I am not afraid to identify as a feminist, and it doesn't have to mean that I am hairy and sapphic, or that I dress like a thrift store threw up on me.  It does not mean that I hate men!  I happen to feel very strongly that women around the world deserve to have the same basic human rights awarded to all citizens, and most importantly (heh) that we have the right to walk across a crowded club without some tickle-dick grabbing our ass.

Don't get me wrong.  If I'm ever on a sinking ship and someone calls out, "All women and children onto the the lifeboats first!", you know I'm not going to stop in order to argue with him about how men and womyn are equal.  I'm totally going to be too busy elbowing that fucker out of the way so that I can take my rightful place as queen of the life vessel.  Duh.

So happy International Women's Day, bitches.  Bask in the power of your uterus!  Or something...  equally... fun?

Just have a great day, in general.  Be whomever you want to be, because we live in a country where all of that is possible.

That's all, 




Tsquared said...

Reminds me of Bicyclists. I'll only obey the traffic laws that I want to...

Twills said...

I am an Urban Guerrilla Bicyclist. I don't take shit from no traffic laws. They're just an invention of The Man. Trying to keep us down! But we gonna rise up, yo. We gonna rise up.

Brans~Muffin said...

lol! I was recently called a Femo Nazi Lesbian as well....was it the same day?

Twills said...

The very same time. You a FemiNazi Lesbot too.

Pina said...

I was the one who called you that. Only cause it's true, femi-nazi-lesbo-biatch-hooker.
You know I love you.

Twills said...

Betty Hoookers Unite!