Thursday, February 10, 2011

Your Mom Goes to College!

Or, in the case of my children: their mom goes to college!

I got accepted, y'all! I've been stressed about this, have been having minor panic attacks that they wouldn't want me since I haven't been to university in 10 years, never did finish and haven't been doing much since then except birthin' babies. Why am I talking like a redneck? See? Stay-at-home-momism is affecting my brain! My I.Q. is dropping by the second!

I haven't told my dad or my sister yet, and I just got the email a few minutes ago... but yeah, I'll just go ahead and tell the entire internet first. In a few years, this is gonna be me:

Am I scared to death? Heck yes. But I'm finally feeling that this year, of all years... when I'm going to be turning 32 *gasp*, my life is finally coming together. I know now that even though it's going to be hella hard, I can do this. Mama's got this one in the bag.

That's all,


Karissa said...

Congratulations. Hello Nurse!

Anonymous said...

Hot Damn! I want a nurse

Twills said...

Heh. I always wanted a job where you could wear scrubs all day.

Mistress MadamX said...

Congratulations for sure!!!! That's huge and I hope to do the same at some point. :D That took courrrage! Go get em!

See Kate run. said...

Hellllooooo... well, Karissa already said it.

Hell YEAH! Congratulations!

Brans~Muffin said...

Congrats!!! They say Nurses gots the Best Sex moves! You'll have to tell us some secrets!!

Mandy's Kidding said...