Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Karma Yoga

Hello, all! I recently won a "Pay it Forward" prize from Whistling Up The Road. Totally weird, because I never win! I was so unbelievably excited to have been chosen, but mostly because I was really looking forward to passing this great idea on.

This is how it works: You comment on this blog. If you aren't signed up for Blogger you can post as "anonymous", just write your name at the bottom so that I know it's you. One week from today, or some day thereafter that I get around to it, I will draw names and pick three winners.

The winners will then choose a prize from the list below, but then there is a catch. A catch!!! The winner must then post this same 'contest' in their blog, and choose three winners there. That way the spirit of giving will continue three-fold. Don't let Haley Joel Osmet die for naught!!! Kevin Spacey would not be pleased.

And! If you don't pay it forward, it means you're a jerk and no one wants to be friends with a jerk, quite frankly.

I suppose that if you didn't have a blog and you didn't want to be a jerk, you could always post this in your notes on Facebook or whatever other social networking sites you use. Do they have blogs on eHarmony or Plenty of Fish? Heh heh. Twitter? Myspace? I know you've all got something, so you get my drift.

So, since I don't work, I'm not giving anything away that's flashy. No bling. Most will be handmade items, or something that's more heartfelt than say, a pair of Louboutins. (Because let's face it, I'd be keeping those bitches to myself). Here we are:

--A dishcloth, handmade by me, in my "Om" pattern. Made of natural, unbleached cotton, I use them to do the dishes or mop up kid-spills, really anyplace that you could potentially use a Sham-wow. I don't have one available right now, so while knitting it I will be thinking about the winner and knitting my lurv into it as well. As opposed to how I knit these normally, which is while cursing and screaming about effing it up. "Om" is complicated!

--Two plain dishcloths!!! One is teal, one is white, and that's just because I made a bunch of them at Christmas time and have two left over which are tied in lavender ribbon.

--Artwork, made by my children, and mailed to a child or an elderly person of your choice.

--A monetary donation made by me to a charity of your choice. Please try to make sure they take Paypal, because it's much easier for me.

--A few of my favourite recipes, handwritten onto fancy cards and mailed to wherever it is you'd like me to mail them to. They'll be a surprise as to which ones I'll send.

--A mixed cd, bootlegged and burned by me, sent to you. I will put songs on it that I think embody your spirit even if I don't know you.

--A Nike Compression Fit tank, size L but it's very, very small. I bought it about five years ago and I think it still has tags on it but I'm not sure. I haven't worn it and it just sits there mocking me, willing me to wear it but it makes me feel... compressed. I know that's the point, but I don't like feeling compressed. Oh, and it's a nice royal blue colour and has a white swoosh on the front.

--I will buy you a mystery item on Etsy and have it shipped to your home.

That's it. As they say up here in Hicksville, "Have at 'er". Or even worse, "Giv'er".

But I wouldn't say anything like that. Nope. Not me. I would say something more like, "Go forth and multiply, bitches". That's more like me. So go forth and multiply, bitches.


Leah. said...

I'm in!

Rick...yes, it's me. :) said...

OK, here I am. Let the winning begin. :)

Tsquared said...

No jokes about sending me the elderly people art.

Shannon said...

Omg... I hate to feel compressed. I literally have a drawer full of Spanx type underthings that have never actually been worn out of the house. I'm all like, "I can't feel my midsection!" or "I can't feel my thighs!" and then I freak out and take them off (and continue to buy more... go figure).

Mandy's Kidding said...

I just one a Pay It Forward blog too, so I don't feel I can apply for yours. It would be selfish to do so, but I will post my Pay It Forward blog sometime this week.


Soccer Milf said...

Give away free stuff and people come out in droves!

Shannon: I just bought some corset-type thing last week that squishes everything down so much that my chest is nearly non-existent. Why would someone ever want to have no ta-tas? Gah!

Mandy: We won on the same blog, because I went there from your blog, so I also have you to thank for my prize.

Anonymous said...

Can I still be a jerk even if I give something away? (That's not really a question. More like a statement.)

Soccer Milf said...

Lew! Of course you know you're always going to be a jerk!

Tracy said...

so what did you win???

Soccer Milf said...

I chose the care package of baked goods, but I'm going to make them myself so that they don't get confiscated at the border. I think I'm going to do the banana bread tonight, if I can keep the kids from eating them. Damned bananas don't last long enough around here to get spotty.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I love Winning! I got all excited about the prospect of winning, I cant really remember what I need to do to win! So I will pay it forward....which I already do anyway and Hurry up cuz the Full moon is in Libra and Im a lazy witch so I dont really know what the signif of that is but I'll figure it out and do something special with it! If I win I want the Mix'd Tape...although I do need a new dish-rag cuz mine smells bad....and I didnt take it out of the Kitchen this morning! Heres how it all worked out.... I thought....Oh my Fricken Heck....what is that gawd awful smelllllllllllllllllll? I replied by picking up the dishrag smelling it and say-ing....Oh Holy Jezzzzzzz that Shizz Stinks and I threw it in the Sink! It'll still be there when I get home! 14 year olds dont notice such things!

Ok so Im off to figure the whole full moon in Libra thing!I hope I win!!!!! ~Brandie from the Muffin Club! I have an account here but I cant remember the password!

bluntforcemama said...

Awesomesauce! I'm willing to send you crazy artistic postcards with semi-philosophical mantras. No seriously, they're awesome.

Soccer Milf said...

OMG, I forgot all about this on account of how we've all had the flu AGAIN... but I'll get right onto picking winners after I get some more time. I'm on my way out right now...